Radical fears

Smitten by mosquitoes and ants. Baked by the natural ovens.

Those are the physical changes that I had to adapt.

Walking around the house carrying a bamboo stick and machete. In preparation to battle with s**ke if they come. This is the radical fear that I have to face everytime I come home. I have to fight my own phobia.

I have to put up with the homophobic society too. It’s killing me inside.

I have to put up the conservative society too. I’m dying inside. Fearing that my future career won’t be any help.

If I can’t practice my own belief, would I be able to teach the values that I deem is right but wrong for others? Would this teaching career fulfill my soul?

Am I doing the right thing or am I drawing my own doom?


~ by littlehobbit on January 3, 2012.

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