What being a Secretary means to me.

10 years back all I knew about secretarial job was just writing letters. Heaps of letters and reports. Hence that justified why back then whenever a secretarial post was offered it was always the case someone pointed out:

In school : “Let’s appoint a girl. Girls are more diligent than guys.” Or,

In college :  “Let’s appoint someone who’s good at writing, and diligent too”

But now in university : “Let’s appoint someone who has more free time and passionate about leadership”

I may not qualify for the former criteria but I do, passionate about leadership.

At this stage, being a secretary does not mean writing letters or emails all the time. A secretary must also know how to delegate work,  how to make good networking with people and above all, must know when to listen and when she/he is required to lead.

There are more portfolio for a secretary out there. You can google all you want. Although to me, I started with zero experience and knowledge. I learned from the very bottom. All I had when I first became a secretary was “my willingness to learn”.  Even now, I’m still learning.

I’m thankful to everyone who has made my secretarial experience successful thus far. It was definitely a rewarding experience.  3 years in the same position did not mean that I hindered myself to progress upwards, it just means that I’m equipping myself better before I start to think of leading on top. Not to mention, I somehow favour the thought of becoming the think tank more than being an icon.

With this, I close my chapter of being the secretary of Wellington UMNO Club.
All that remains are good memories. Thank GOD.

Ps: Back then I wonder why Secretary needs to have the Secretary’s Day. Now I realize, it’s a post worth celebrating.


~ by littlehobbit on October 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “What being a Secretary means to me.”

  1. I remember working at Ericsson engineering labs one summer, and the whole department was made to work because of a sturdy and capable secretary. Anything needed to be fixed, she got it done. I was completely impressed with how she handled all of us nerds, as an almost mother-stand-in, so that everything went smoothly.

    • I remember coaching a bunch of nerds (this is not secretarial job btw) during the campus orientation. Naturally, I was assigned the Mathematics and Comp Sc students. To even get the ball rolling was tough. I had to crack my mind to ask them to talk and ask questions. All they did was nod and say yes, yes all the time. Some didn’t even put their minds in there.Their minds were elsewhere but their body were voluntarily sitting across me. Either they’re nerds or simply an introvert, I took it as their presence there was good enough for me to do my job.

      I salute your secretary. She’s the boss. 😀

  2. I did the same coaching of new Uni students back in Sweden. There are many ways to break the ice, and getting them involved in games and silly projects (I was in the final dinner comedy show myself when I was new), was a sure way to do it.

    As coaches we on purpose put on a ridiculously stern and authoritarian look&feel (sun glasses, uniforms and military style lingo), but then joked about ourselves and everything that went on, always with a stone face. The students would catch on quickly and try to come up with funny jokes and situations to get us to crack up. When they inevitably did, mission accomplished!

    We would also put in about 3-4 fake students in a class, that during various points of the induction would start to act really weird and put on shows. “I can’t take this anymore, this is too hard. Where’s mooommmyy…”, then rush out of the classroom never to be seen again. Well, until the real school started and they went to their own classes anyway. Some of these guys were really creative and would always cause a bewildered look and nervous laughter among the rest, until they understood what had just happened 🙂

    And that’s how introvert nerds come out of their shell. The main issue we had was that some coaches put on the uniform but didn’t get that it was all a satirical show. It would be gently explained to them, and what the whole purpose of this show was. The good coaches usually joined the theater and improv groups on campus after doing this.

    Just as a suggestion.

    • Interesting. But this would be only effective for all newbies. If the students have known each other well, it’ll take more tricks.

      lol. ❤ "Where’s mooommmyy…"

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