Okaeri Nasai

Welcome back to me.

I haven’t blogged for awhile but due to an increased popularity I need to update my other blog.

Nonetheless, that blog has become more and more distant to what I really wish to express. It is true, but it might just be a propaganda. A channel for me to project what I think, what I do, but not who I am.

I can’t really whine about my sleeping trouble. My kembung perut. My disgust on Salmon and Bak Kut teh. none. I really can’t. And I can’t really express myself fully in fb either, because I don’t want my family to get worried or people get the wrong impression that I am any less rational.

I claimed myself to be a realist, a rationalist and a liberal. That itself enough to show how I appreciate practicality of things. But sometimes beyond something practical we forgot the essence of things, our own common sense..


~ by littlehobbit on May 12, 2011.

One Response to “Okaeri Nasai”

  1. this is quite an old post . for you,Ra.

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