I know what I want

but I’m not clear how to get it

In the mean time,

I am dazzled by what I need to do

What is responsibility?

What is love?

I am selfish

I always am

I’m trying hard to be selfless

for my own selfish goal in the future

So I always am


But even the selfish me

knows when to be selfless

and cover the responsibilities of others

which goes without saying

Academically, financially

For the hearts of my parents

Though I hardly take care of them in reality

Soon, my dreams would take me

Even further away from them

My selfless me is still selfish in the end

I left them

most of the time

I left everything behind

and I’m afraid to come back

Soon I will

leave them again

I’m just


Who am I then

To talk about responsibility and love.

I simply don’t get their definitions straight by myself.


~ by littlehobbit on August 23, 2010.

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