Just now I told I.F this:

i may not be the best person to cheer you up at this moment. So i’ll be here. always here. praying that we’ll make it through together. swimming through different seas,and come out of them alive, strong and HOT. lol.

And earlier I told N this:

Find a good tune to encounter your emotion, not to entertain it. That way, you might be seeing a TV instead of just a movie played on the screen. I hope you see what I mean. It’s time, N. It’s time.

Remember what N says before?

“I am somewhat rational in my thinking and judgment.I may give good advice for relationship although I hardly had any.I’m good in words and an eloquent speaker with broad knowledge(Well, relatively among my peers perhaps) . Yet, deep within I can’t seem to define what’s wrong or what’s lacking in me. Constantly searching, without mouthing a word of worries and keep it all by myself. I may seem to be tough, but my eyes says it all”

Well. Maybe that’s all there is to it.

I took a break from Usrah meetings, numbering to less than one or two of my social activities that’s left after my retirement from clubs.  Constantly reevaluating my steps, and recreating new Life that will soon shape my future. I wonder if I’m doing the right thing?


~ by littlehobbit on May 10, 2010.

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