My depression is getting worse.

I failed my Algebra test. The good news is, I still have chance to focus 100% on final.

But what I’m worried now is How can I catch up. Just how? I’m trying to contact my tutor for help. Hopefully he will reply soon. I’m jeopardizing my degree and honors for this paper. It’s not just Algebra. I can’t even perform in my favorite subject, Logic.

My assignments’ marks were well below average.  For only two subjects, I’m pretty much beaten badly. Underperformed is the word.

I’ve tossed away things that I like for my study. My club, my voluntary activity,my social life. I wish I could concentrate more but time seems like never enough for me to cover everything. To study everything. Even when I tried to discuss with my friends, I’m drowning. I’m at sea. I couldn’t catch up almost completely. What is this??

I studied the assignments solutions but they are way beyond my imaginations and I couldn’t understand some of it even. And That is the SOLUTIONS not just the questions.

I’ve studied the basics , I’ve studied the notes, I think I understand. I looked at the assignments, and it’s nothing like the notes or the tutorials. The applications were way beyond my grasp. I still have problems relating one concept with each other, and I couldn’t prove anything properly.

I’m afraid.

“Failing a test is not a condemnation to your efforts. It’s a wake up call for restrategizing”(me,2010)

True.  I’m not busy wallowing in self-pity at the moment. My concern now is just how can I improve??? I have two months before the exams and HELL I don’t want to waste any single minute of it regretting in the end..


~ by littlehobbit on May 2, 2010.

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