Devilish whisper

The devil wants me out of my focus on studying Math and made me think that I made the wrong choice from the beginning. Oh well, putting money ahead and choose your life over money is never a good start. But at least now I realize this path is wonderful and worth taken.

Math is Allah’s knowledge too. It is hard to be explained. It is hard to be shared with the real world in terms of its meaning and application. It is indeed a challenge for a knowledge sharer like me. But, maybe there’s more to it than discussing math with people at this stage. I need the critical thinking that math requires. I need what’s needed for math for me to be able to apply in my life.

Math is my life and my other interests are just topics that I want to tackle, mathematically. I want Math. I like Math. I’m going to ace this paper. I must!



~ by littlehobbit on April 30, 2010.

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