Pending ~ Unsettled

I really thought I have let him go
but why i should feel this hurt?

I thought I already forgave him
but why do i keep blaming him?

I asked others to confront their feelings
but I kept running from my own

I wish I could defeat my ego
but my pride worths just too high

I felt my heart is on fire
of my long eternal flame

I got confused in my own desire
and I thought everyone is the same

Is it really what i felt
or is it just what i thought?
Should I think
or should I just feel?

N thought that it’s better to live with no attachment rather than living to treat your broken heart. I don’t quite agree with that. For the no strings-attached life is like a short string for me. unable to expand and it’s always broke down before any tie could be made. The effort always went fruitless and the process ended up pending.

What is a life worth spending if it goes pending? an Unsettled life.


~ by littlehobbit on March 24, 2010.

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