Leadership Rantings Part 1

Attaining A? in what way?

Okay. this is just a ranting of what’s in my head now. since i couldn’t say it out freely or according to priority, i’ll just outline them.

  • I have two positions in 2 influenced club in Wellington
  • One as a secretary.
  • The other one as a Cultural Council Representative <- which is according to portfolio is just damn too easy and don’t deserve the rank of Executive Committee but it is. So I established a new position for myself.
  • I was the CCR and also the Chief of PR Relations
  • Both of the position are in the High Committee
  • On top of the title themselves, I have to manage subcommittees.
  • As a secretary, I’m the head for the Operations Officer.
  • As a CCR/PR, I’m the head of the Prayer Rooms coordination and The Media&Networking.
  • I was busy the whole year.With studies,clubs
  • and Volunteering service too! I tutor refugee kids.
  • Sometimes people called me for help to find volunteers for all sort of events. Like Masjid Open Day and Malaysian Iftaar, to name a few.
  • It is my task to look critically and constructively at the flaws and the failures.
  • And it is also my honor to thank people for their contributions and tireless effort.
  • As tiring or as honorable as it may seems, these are all experiences that I valued dearly to my heart. Be it good, or bad.


It is in the nature of human that we tend to spot bad things easily. I’m not excluded.  So here are the points:

  • Communication breakdown. Regardless whether the member of the committee is Malay or Arab or Iran or India or whatever nationality they are, there’s always be a case where communication breakdown would happen at some points. Or even worst, NO communication at all.. till the upcoming event is just as close as the day itself.
  • Uneven distribution of work – In one particular event for eg. There will be people with MORE works than other just because the event itself are more related to that department. Or it could be, in ANY event, when the someone is not present, someone else has to cover his/her job. In this case, I had numerous case, of my own. Just when you think you you’ve got so much on your plate, somehow the plates got BIGGER and FULL all in a sudden.
  • Uncleared Job Description – In any org, the general description will be given in the beginning of the year. And the job description might be adapted in different way according to particular events. For example  an event with NO briefing at all made the event and this contributes mainly to the uneven distribution of work.
  • Lack of coordination– You got your job description. So what? The lack coordination of the event or resources made it very difficult for everyone to cooperate in most situations. It is the leader role to go and supervise over stuffs but sometimes the leader him/herself couldn’t put up with too many things at once. We’re all students still, indeed. So it’s the responsibility of the subcommittess to consult their superior about stuffs and offer their helps whenever is needed. *Here, initiative is needed.
  • Lack of initiative– Not everyone is perfect. Not everyone knows everything. People say Ignorance is a bliss. I say RedbullS**t. You don’t know because you don’t make efforts to know. and actually, you don’t have to be really good or knowledgeable to succeed. what’s more important is your initiative to FIND Someone who are good at it. Especially if it is your job! This is where effort weighed in every aspect of what you do. Simple minded person might say ” Sorry I cannot do it”. Someone with initiative normally would say ” Sorry I couldn’t, but I’ll try to find someone else”. It’s about “providing” every means necessary to complete the job besides “creating” more problems. It is impossible for you to have someone who would say “yes” to everything you request. But the word “TRY” is just what you might need.  Other than that, if you are not asked to do something, why don’t you GO and ask if there’s any help needed. For the leaders, sometimes they are just tired bossing around and ask people for help. <-esp me.
  • Lack of Motivation– Motivation should be stimulated to the whole committee and dispersed to the members. Easier said than done. Sometimes we failed to thank the people around us just because we see them making mistakes. One more type of motivation is the drive to bring the club to the next level. I surely embarrassing when people asked  “What’s next?” and answered with  “I don’t know” . just simply because we don’t make the bird’s eye view plan beforehand. (or perhaps the bird’s eye are just too small for me to comprehend every details in sight)
  • Nervous breakdown!! Sweaty all over, tears running down the cheek.  Nervous attack .Stress!!. Depression! These are all the challenges that you’d definitely experience whenever you are down with what happened or what’s gonna happen next. I had several this year. Not a very good feeling at all.  😦


~ by littlehobbit on September 16, 2009.

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