ok.. another rantings due to sleeplessness and boredom. althou i do have assignments before my eyes. LOL.

it’s the beginning of my mid-term break. i was looking more than forward for this. a time for me to do my revision and do my assignments serenely. and yes, just a break from the hectic life of a university student and clubs’ execs.

i love my studies. although they are incredibly hard. i’ll strive for them. no matter what. that’s my policy.

i love my clubs. the umno and the muslim clubs. Both hold different roles and functions. More posts means more experiences and more contributions towards people.

However, it’s tiring to be the one who has to push for everything. Although i am not the leader, i still feel the sense of responsibility to push other people of what we’re supposed to to. and help others with all my strength. I’m willing to sacrifice my study time, for the sake of others. yet at the same time i’ll reschedule my time to make up for the loss. (study must comes first, right)

But i just can’t understand people who can’t commit to their responsibility.. it’s exhausting to push these people. Up to a point that I feel like letting go..i’ll lay low and watch.but i can’t stay that way too long.i’m embarrassed. on top of that i feel guilty, for holding an important post and i rest all my way through.. that’s just not how it supposed to be isn’t?

how i wish for people to change? and yet i understand that i’m not the best.


~ by littlehobbit on April 11, 2009.

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