Seasonal effects Part I

As the season changes, my life also changes dramatically.

My summer 2007- 2008 wanders around my life at everton when i first came here.It was when i explore this tiny city called Wellington and discovered so much fun activities that can be done here. I met new people and was truly excited when I bumped into them at town.

But the best out of that summer was my fated meetings with the Everton residents. They were many of us staying there and we had parties and sports activities almost every week. There was always something that could be done.  Also, that was when i knew the Flat 39 residents, whom influenced my life greatly afterwards. ouji, hana, aiman and usher. they are the people who helped me in various ways that i couldn’t even possibly imagine before. being with them is just fun.

My summer 2008-2009 is a real fun as well. but just for 2 weeks. it doesn’t last long since the 39 ppl had to return to Malaysia. and lots more ppl went back for holiday. my life became extremely lonely. but i’m lucky to know the 222 residents. they are very nice to me. they are somewhat does like what their senior did to me.  they treat and feed me well. ah well, that’s an extra credit for them. they treated me better. LOL. but the 39 ppl had more memories with me than they does. Partly because the 222 ppl were busy with work and such. But yeah, perhaps there will be more fun awaits me in 2009. who knows.

The more and more i talked about summer, that’s just revealed more about my social life. the readers might already realized that i talked a lot about guys. well it’s true, my life is surrounded by these nice guys and i appreciate that very much. and maybe, i talked a lot about guys because i missed my own brother in Malaysia? hmm.. ok. i’ll talk about that later.

The worst part of this summer is my loneliness and my workloads. i’m busy although it’s time for a break already. and i loathe the work that i have to do although it’s not really MY job. i’m covering for others too much!  i went to Auckland for the so-called holiday but nahh…i still got those jobs chasing me around. But now, i felt a bit relieved since i’m going back to malaysia next week and yes, i’m gonna take a real break this time! yes!!!

OK. that’s all for my summer review for now. will continue later .


~ by littlehobbit on January 3, 2009.

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