Wish You Are Here

wish u are here
wish u are here

although i am sad and thus lonely
i am also a busy bee
so let me know if you are free
then we shall go for a movie

How i Wish to say something like that to you. and now you’re gone. true. two weeks have passed since. but i’m still in grief.i know, u’d say “go out and make some friends”. i understand that but urghh…only God knows how lonely and quiet everton this year.Maybe it’s the workloads that pushed me to this end, or maybe it’s simply just me.

i don’t know. when i saw u guys leaving back then, my heart thumped and i really wanted to go back to Malaysia. and with no stable job this summer, u too encouraged me to go home.

i did feel like going home. but i just have too many commitments here. i have my study. and clubs. i really wish the workloads@problems that came from those thingy to end very soon. so that i could fly home. and i’m pathetically bored and lonely here.

those business will end soon or at least till the middle of January.and i seriously considering whether i should go home or not.but just what is there for me at home? family, yeah.family. friends? yeah.but my life at home would never be as carefree as here. no more late night coffee, borders, or whatever life it may be in Wellington. but truthfully, i can’t recall just how much i went out for coffee these days.rare..seldom..

if i were to go home and go back to my routine at home, i’d just confine myself in the house with no special thing to do. Just wait for my dad to come home for lunch and cook dinner for my family. and i might go out sometimes to catch up with friends..well that’s the wonderful side of it i reckon.

but then again, if i go home i’ll put up with my brother’s love affairs again and whatever problems it may cause.blablabla.and listen to some family problems, that i ran away from.back then. and the same bored and loneliness will hit me, due to my parents absence during the day. they will all go to work and i will be left alone again, as always. even my friends who lived nearby are busy with study and work. of course i wouldn’t go out everyday.

no matter where i am
i’m always lonely
so now, should i really go home?
or should i appreciate what i have here
and try to create a better life here?

i’m just tired. tired. tired with the works.suffocated. i never imagine my summer would be this dull. Ah well.maybe it’s too early to say that. while i’m still putting up my life without you guys around.

and just why am i writing this up?
dunno. just feel like doing it. you’re just the kind of person that i could always open up with. and whenever i’m down, u’re the first person i would think of. what u did to me in Cinta back then when i cried and such, i appreciate it very much. it was seriously a hard day for me. and u were there. thank you very much. i could foreseen more of the hardships will come too, but i pray that the joy and fun that will come along the way will treat those.a wishful thought, aye.

as wishful as i may be
i wish you are here

ok..that’s all from me. i’ll call you sometime.hope that’s fine.
i wish you a wonderful holiday in Malaysia.



~ by littlehobbit on December 5, 2008.

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