waaahh.. exams are just around the corner!!

Kecuakan Melanda. exams are just around the corner. And there are heaps of topics I haven’t covered.

Oh my, will I be able to make it??? hopefully yes. but with other commitment within this so-called study week?? who knows. Here’s the list, again..

Wednesday, 15th Oct 2008

  1. I’ve got a summer job interview tomorrow at 10 – 11 am at kiwiholidays company. I really hope that i could get a job there and secure my summer life later.
  2. I’ve got an Eid celebration to attend in the evening at Edu house.
  3. I’ve got an emo party to go at night (9pm-12am)- ye ke emo? it’s basically a farewell party for NFFC. girls only!

Thursday, 16th

  1. I’ve got a Raja Nazrin talk to attend at 6pm
  2. Later at night, i’ve got the chance to “menghadap” HRH Raja Nazrin along with the other High Committee of WUC.

Friday, 17th

  1. I have a meeting to attend at 1 pm. It’s my first Cultural council rep AGM. Therefore, I must attend the meeting and get a chance to observe the VUWSA management closely.

Saturday, 18th

  1. Another open house at Kak Bel’s in Hataitai.

Duhhhh….there’s always sth to do during the day besides studying. Can I concentrate? or distracted a lil bit more? I hope the former would serve me well (although the latter might also happen).


~ by littlehobbit on October 14, 2008.

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