Sleeping yet Paralyzed!

I had that sleep again

A disturbed, paralyzed sleep

again and again

I abandon the therapy so long ago

because i’m too busy to relax

the truth is, am I?

was my time for therapy that invaluable?

or i’m just being lazy?

the latter might explains better, i guess

Since I was in my primary school i had this scary and disturbed episodes of sleep disorder. It will increase whenever I’m in stress or lead an unorganized life. I was scared at first, knowing that some people said it was ghost-doing or in Malay words , “kena hempap” . The episodes grew significantly while I was at an important point in my life where i stayed in hostels and study for a brighter future.

Only two years ago I’ve found the scientific terms for my sleep disorder. it’s a Sleep Paralysis. Yes, It’s a sleeping disorder, a disease. It’s not ghost-doing. My fear went away by then and I faced my problems head-on. I went to doctors, to be exact; psychiatrist and therapist for treatment and medical advises. I followed their advice and learn to have a better control on my life. I didn’t take caffeine after 5pm and I slept for at least 5 continuous hours in order to improve my sleep hygiene. I also went for therapy once a week to get a relaxation therapy. To tell you the truth, I love the therapy more than the appointments with the psychiatrist.

However, ever since I came here (NZ) I rarely do the relaxation therapy and I consumed caffeine more than I ever had back in Malaysia. ( How could I ignore the delightful taste of coffee in a country famous for her coffee houses and bars?? ) Not to mention, the countless sleepless nights when I had to do my assignments that’s due the very next day.

No wonder the symptoms never stop.


~ by littlehobbit on September 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Sleeping yet Paralyzed!”

  1. still having the same prob wif ur sleep mimi? cool down a bit mimi!

  2. yea. i still have the same fact,i just had it last night.
    too bad, aye? the symptoms cool down a bit here but it’ll never disappear…my sister said that she had it while she’s pregnant and it was a hell excruciation.. šŸ˜¦

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