Iftaar, AGM and oops!

Last night I went to MSVUW (Muslim club of Uni) iftaar and AGM at Uni. Earlier, I planned to sneak away after tarawikh with my friends. In other words, we want to be completely absent during the AGM (Annual General Meeting). Nevertheless, last night I found my friends and I were attending the AGM and on top of that, we sat at the very first row..

Many of the members turned up for the iftaar and the tarawikh prayers. Yet, only about half stayed on for the AGM. During the elections, lots of the nominees withdrew as they were not up to the post. It was the top High Committee post anyway. Seems everyone felt that there were others who is better suited for the post and thence, withdrew from the nominations. Only few was really up to the elections and these people eventually won the post. It was kinda lame, that everyone resisted the position although I believe that Muslim Club in uni is a big and essential club representing Muslim students in Uni. For this year only, the club comprises more than 200 members atltogether. That is a big number and there must be a lot of issues that the club has to handle to cater its members.

However, thanks to William Wu from VUWSA and few members of the hall who stood up and encouraged people to take part in the elections. Being a non-muslim, William explained the necessities of being the leader of the club. I was impressed by his little speech, and so did others. However, I couldn’t help but felt a bit shameful because we needed an outsider to tell us that.Not to mention, the disappearance of half of the members for the AGM affected our choice upon leaders ..and that’s another issue.

They were 5 posts nominated; the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Cultural Council Representative.At first I thought that I would never want any of these post because I’m already holding a top post in Wellington UMNO Club. So I kept looking forward to elect suitable persons for the first four posts. But oops, for the Cultural Council Representative post suddenly I opened my mouth to the 07/08 President, Mr Mustaqeem and said “Can I volunteer??”. Shortly after that, I realized the effect of my actions  and said “Oh, What have I said??” But the members agreed to accept me as their Cultural Council Representative afterwards and I got the post without elections. Sounds like G-Pang isn’t it? Oh well, I was tempted by the role of the position, that’s all. I’ve got to make a lot connections afterwards and that will surely be a helpful experience for my duration of stay in New Zealand.I’d double the benefits if I’m in the commitee. Plus, I got friends who supported me as well. (takdela rase yakin diri sangat.hehe :P).

Oh, and the management this time have 2 Saudi Arabians (Mr President and the Treasurer), 1 African (our Vice-President), and 2 Malaysians ( the Secretary and Cultural Council Rep – that’s Aisyah and Me 🙂 ) Let’s see onwards just how are we gonna move the clubs with such international faces. Heheh 😛


~ by littlehobbit on September 13, 2008.

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