Iftaar = Berbuka

Today I had another wonderful iftaar moment with my friends. There were 8 of us ( Yuyu, Wawa, Deli, Me, Yusuf, Kak Lily, Fify and Daz) breaking our fast together at Yusuf’s. This time, Kak Lily cooked the rice and some chicken rendang and Yusuf prepared his Mussel Masak Lemak as our main dishes. Meanwhile, Yusuf’s house mates, Fify and Daz prepared some snacks for our entree. My friends and I just brought ready-made muffins and cake for supplement.

On the table, Kak Lily was always babbling about her overcooked and spoiled rendang. To be honest, it was kinda burnt and it smells like it. However, I don’t really care much because 2 days ago my rendang was a total failure and her rendang was way better than what I made. It still tastes Yummy tho’. In the meantime, Yusuf and Yuyu were busy talking out of their weird taste for hot and spicy foods. Yes, they are really weird. They loves hot foods although they can never stand them. ( I really can’t understand what these people are doing). I guess it’s better off to be like me; I extremely enjoys hot and spicy food and I can stand them ( It annoys me a bit that they talked about how high their hot levels are while I am the one who could cook way hotter and spicier) what the heck is that suppose to mean? Am I getting jealous that they were two people met before my eyes who accidentally shared the same habit? Oh that’s just ridiculous! Bla bla bla..whatever..

Back to the food. As for the mussels, Yusuf was always asking whether we could taste the hotness of the dish. Obviously not..because he mixed a SWEET Thai Chilli in the gravy. That’s just weird. The more you added the sauce, the sweeter it’ll became, and you are searching for hotness in that (That’s another ridiculous thing I’ve heard today). I liked the mussel as it is and never expected it to be hot or spicy. I liked his cooking and that’s thoroughly enough, I guess.

Not to forget, Yuyu’s trial of making Nasi Tomato last Saturday was a partial failure. The Chicken was okay but the rice just wasn’t turns out right. Well, it might be the problem of the rice cooker here because the first batch of the rice turns out quite well. I didn’t blame her for that as I was a total ignorant of the dishes. I was helping with the dish washing and the frying job.

Amusingly, it looks like all of us failed to present what we were planning. However, I still feels like it was a blessing to know all of these people as they gave me the first Ramadhan experience that I couldn’t possibly forget. Kak Lily, was a dear friend of mine who I knew through my housemates. She was working with Yusuf but she’s going back to Malaysia for good this Friday. I know her for a very short time and soon enough, she have to leave us. That’s kinda sad actually. But I’m grateful to her because she’s the one that brought me to this cycle of friends- drop-out cooks team. Haha (It’s not that bad, but it’s funny enough that all of us failed. Lol)

Hmm..what I could say is that this Ramadhan truly challenged us to cook without our tasting ability during the day due to fasting. That’s why I salute people who can cook really well during the fasting month.

Note: Hot and spicy = pedas

p/s : I’d better improves my own cooking. Hehe 😛


~ by littlehobbit on September 10, 2008.

One Response to “Iftaar = Berbuka”

  1. hi there =) came across your blog just now. Would like to wish you Selamat Berpuasa. I believe you just started this blog? it’s good one. Keep it Up. Take Care.

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