Another “one”..

Yesterday I received three shocking death news. And today, I heard another one. It’s Oji’s brother who passed away 2 weeks before. He was accidentally informed by his sister last night. Their family initially planned of hiding the news until he came back for good later. However, the bin was spilled. He heard about it. I don’t know how he felt or how he reacted. Shocked, for sure. But he told me that he got over it already. since the death was 2 weeks ago. It’s nothing fresh. But still, to my mind losing a brother is never a basi news.

Probably he was just hiding his true feelings. I’ll never knew unless he discloses it before my eyes. Oji is the type of person who never disclose his family affairs. All I know is he seldom calls home (not sure whether it’s true tho’). I feel sorry for him for losing such a close relative. I nearly lost my father once, and I know exactly how hopeless I was at that time. Nevertheless, I never knew how Oji’s relation with his late brother was. So basically I new nothing of him. And i feel so lame since I’m quite close with the people in his flat but yet, I always stay away from their personal issues. I’m always afraid of being called “penyibuk“. Even for just now, I wish to hear more from him but he urged me to hang up and I just did what he asked. I don’t want to force him speak about something a little too personal unwillingly.. Hmm..

What I could do was just having a simple tahlil for his brother right after terawih..I hope it’ll be sufficient because I’m not sure of any way that I could/couldn’t support him. I seriously wanted to. Even with Na, I just did what I could, yesterday. The rest, i leave it to his girlfriend. That’s what a friends are for, I suppose. They are the people who always saved me out of trouble or at least soothe me when I’m at pinch. I truly treasure them and I really really wish that I could do something great for them before they go back for good this coming 23rd Nov.


~ by littlehobbit on September 5, 2008.

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