Sleepy head..

Arghh.. today I’m so..sleepy. i don’t really do anything that require a lot of my physical nor mental strength but i’m just exhausted.

Tonight I celebrated kak lily’s birthday with wawa, deli, yuyu, and yusuf. We ate till we were stuffed. Oh kenyang gile..Thanks for the treat, kak lily! 🙂 jasamu dikenang

And just now I was helping Che’with her script for Merdeka Night. She’s gonna be the MC for the night. Well, I felt bad that I had to request her quite late (not that really last minute, but just a bit late) but she’s my savior. I was so desperate to find MC for the night because NZMS requested one from UMNO club. That was up till one point that I felt like i want to “volunteer” myself to be the MC. Ahaha..well, my previous experience wasn’t that good but it will surely help. However, I’d prefer not to. I was so occupied with other activities up until now and I just want to find a little bit peace after doing a lot of works for the club.

And the most important thing is, I don’t want to replace her!! that inhumane human of the behavior of bystander who pretend to be so blurred and innocent but actually is really sneaky and uncommitted! the person I’m talking about is the person that president of NZMS requested personally to be the MC. She accepted and later refused the job with inappropriate reasons. I was sooo pissed off but luckily I had che’ by my side who’s willing to help. Thank you Che’. and I believe Che’is way committed and better than her!

Fuhh..puas ati mengumpat!

And now I’m off to sleep.


~ by littlehobbit on August 29, 2008.

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